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First of all, I PROMISE my 5 min hair and makeup videos are coming/done. I need the hubs to convert them so I can upload them and I seriously don't ever remember until like 5 seconds before bed each night. I'm sooooo not into technology... so I really need him to handle this. hahaha They have been recorded and put together for two weeks already. Lordy!

 Anyway, what I CAN DO is upload photos so I wanted to just show you our little playroom redo. I mentioned we got rid of the play kitchen we built 5 years ago when we moved into this house. You can see it here. We snagged this table and bench...and built the shelves for all the kids treasures. Interior designers all around the world are FREAKING OUT over these shelves but these will never be "styled"....these are for the kids. I want them to be in control of their creations and pieces they are proud of and want on display! You will also notice I did not "style" these photos either. I wanted to show you real life! lol

So we searched high and low....and couldn't decide between a table or a desk for the room. I wanted both. We finally found this amazing SOLID WOOD table and bench from Walmart ( SAY WHAT!!!) and it was priced SO WELL for how seriously solid the quality is. I can't even believe it. Every single person that has seen it in person has complimented it! Its a steal in my opinion compared to all the other options we considered from Value City Furniture, Wayfair and Target....The table is perfect for Jays lego building and Nae's drawing. We just didn't want to spend 500 dollars on something for the playroom. I wanted something that I didn't worry if they were painting or it got dented etc.

We haven't regretted for a single second getting rid of the kitchen. I've had quite a few people floored that we got rid of it. First of all, it was getting unsteady and the doors falling off. Some of it could have been fixed but they litterally never played with it. We just knew this was the wisest decision we could make for the space and our kids current interest.  So we moved the old kitchen into the garage with the help of a neighbor and we let the kids help demo it and they LOVED that. they got the hammer and just started tearing it apart. It was a whole fun event. It was sad for Tom and I because we worked hard to make it that kitchen but it was well loved for years and years and it was time to just move on. So really, no regrets here!

Then I requested that my hubby build these shelves from an inspiration photo on Pinterest and he knocked them out with hardware store trip and all in probably 1-2 hours. Easy peasy. I stained them. and now they hold our kids most valuable treasures and creations (especially the ones that can't be down at Sadie's level now that she in on the move!) They kids have really loved thinking and creating for the shelves and changing it all out often ;-)...I love it. We are still adding to it and filling in. I mean good art takes time, right????  :-) As a Mom I love giving them this space in the house that is all up to them to decide how it looks.

and I want to end this post with a special shout out to this piece. This might go down as one of Tom and I's favorite pieces EVER. If you know much about us at all personally, you know we LOVE friends. Our relationship began with the tv show friends. It is still to this day our comfort and something that always warms our heart on a not so great day. So when this guy came about from Janae....

it immediatly made us both think about this from Friends...

And now it is framed and in all its weirdness means more to us than it ever could or would to any other person! 

So thats our little late winter project we finished up last month. Now, I PROMISE I'll get the videos up ASAP! 

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